Max power a complete men solution


Juvenility / Youngness is a delicate span of life, in this age human body face several hormonal and physical changes, at this age body is full of life and energy, and this energy and hormonal changes attract toward masturbation, and sometimes they get addicted of this habit, and this addiction make them pay latter, when they face weakness in front of their wife and feel embarrassed. This happens when they lose thier inner energy, and due to this they are not able to enjoy married life and all fun get ruins.

Our Solution

To keep all the problems away, we at NUTRIAAYUSH  prepare a medicine 'MAXPOWER  with a natural blend of herbs which cure this problem from its roots and gives energy to all or your veins and increase the quality of semen, so that you can enjoy your married life at the fullest. This medicine contains 100% natural ingredient so there are no side effects.


Max power –a complete men solution is a herbal way to gain your strength and masculinity back it is combination of power capsules, prash and lubricant cream

It’s a rare combination of powerful herbs which

Max power capsules ingredients : safed museli root,satawari,shudh shilajit,ashwagandha root,kesar,kaunchbeej,akarkararoot,tribhang bhasm,maker dhwaj,vidhara root,abhrak bhasm,jayphal seeds,vaang bhasm,tamra bhasm,javitri fruit,loah bhasm,bheem seni kapoor, swarna bhasma,man mantra ras,pushp dhanwa ras,ras sindoor,talmakhana,bala  root. ( a combination of 22 organic herbs)

Max power prash:

Ashwagandha,giloy,methi dana,moch ras,azmod,gokharu,safed museli,talmakhana,satavari,punarva,urad,til,mulethi,nag bala,bharingi,sugar,kaunch beej,shunth,kali mirch,kakrashingi,pippali,dalchini,elaichi,banch lochan,bhinseni kapoor,tez pata,makardhwaj,keshar,honey,ghee,munakka,abhrakbhasm,anarkara,shudhkuchla and shilajeet


Max power cream:

Syzigium cordatum oil,clove oil,hyoscyamius niger oil,piper longum oil,gymnema sylvestre oil,anacyclus pyrethrumpennell oil,cinnamomum zeylanicium oil,urticadioicalinn oil,sesame indicium oil



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